Vietnam launches second mobile virtual network

Reddi is the seventh active mobile network and the second virtual one in the country. Speaking at the launch ceremony, VNPT deputy general director Huynh Quang Liem said the cooperation between Mobicast JSC and VNPT took place in the context of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)’s emerging presence in Asia.

Vietnam launches second mobile virtual network

Vietnam launches second moblie virtual network

An MVNO does not own network infrastructure but rather purchases telecommunications services from traditional mobile network operators (MNO) and resells network services after repackaging at lower prices.

The Mobicast-VNPT deal is expected to help each side take advantage of their own strengths in order to create the best values and optimize user benefits, he added.

For its part, a representative of Reddi said that the network operator will make the best use of VNPT’s existing infrastructure and catch up with future trends in the telecommunications and technology industries.

Reddi targets young and modern customers

A customer trying Reddi's service

Mr. Tran Nam Trung, CEO of MobiCast, currently has many new mobile technologies such as IoT, eSIM … Quick changes help users connect quickly and smartly. In addition, technological changes will change the traditional business model of Telecommunications, voice and SMS services and move to OTT services.

Thus, when the demand for traditional telecommunications services changes, carriers will have to change. The network that is well ahead, changing its business model quickly will grow, otherwise it will lag. Virtual mobile networks (MVNOs) are new business models that make telecommunications services richer.

Reddi targets young and modern customers, emphasizing users’ free, personalized experience, the representative said. At Wednesday’s event, Reddi’s CEO also announced the company’s roadmap to launching other packages and integration of digital products and services.